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Fashion Industry is the most wonderful thing that happens in my life. I feel so blessed because I have seen and met so many unexpected wonderful thing/people so now it is the time I want to help the good people to create the stage to see the good view of his/her life.

Are you ready to become the ONLY ONE in this world?



“我從來沒有想過 , 自己會在進入這個產業的第十年以後,這麼毅然決然地想要不當上班族而是要決定要開始自己的事業,但回過頭來我發現原來這一切其實早就是命中注定,比起害怕我只擔心如果我不試一次,我可能無法變成能夠坦然說出自己有個很不錯的人生啊!”

10 years, 11 jobs changes, non-countable job interviews/oversea biz trips, unless presentations as supplier/education people, now I eventually start my own business that focus on -

1. consoled the new valuable supply chain of MADE-IN-JP with world.

2. help the raising stars of designer/apparel brand with the right connection of product development / production line

3. professional coaching on help the branding ideas for manufacturing.

4. create the direction with right execution of action plan based on most useful experience.

5. explore the new luxury consumer market in lifestyle product especially in fine clothes.

6. On-job-training planing for company or personal needs in fashion industry.

There is the interesting survey that what do normal consumers feel if half of existing famous brands are disappearing, how do you think your life will be changed?

The answer is simple that actually no one really feel sorry or care because it is always some similar should be replaceable.

Now is the time that worries about being the top 1 on the ranking that you should be the ONLY ONE that keep your unique value that market will try 120% supports to keep your company/brand forever.