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New Work Style

Build up something from 0 was not the first time I met when I became the adult. But this is first time without company or stable salary as my back-up and what I can have just keep trying my best and be not failed immediately. 

Today it is just the very first try but I think it is something I feel this is why I should not just follow any traditional way that work for the any specific company.

However after I talked to some talented young people that I found the reason what keeps them to do what they good and like is because they choose to work for themselves, and most of them just on mid of 20s or even early 30s. 

I did not expect this new lifestyle will show up in Japan which the country had established the prefect working system and make it as the bubble of the dreams before. 

I can not wondering what is the next for the company?

Does everyone just hire the unknown foreign worker to join the system or finally the company will find the balance to deal with the man power issue? 

What if your employee did not have to handle the family responsibility or any ambitious to the career any more? 

Maybe the day that company just become the agency for freelancer will happen with faster and wide range of the industries sooner than what people expect? 



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