Something you should know- About real JP craftsmanship of the wool denim / SHOWA

When I was lucky enough to work for Woolmark/JP where it’s the NPO organization and I was worked for Education/Supply chain extension team.

Someday I got the special project that wants to adopted the 100% wool denim. Of course for our team we got have some good options from THE WOOL LAB all the time.

However I don’t know why but it seems all the data base showed the only choice we can source is from EU.

But since it would be the very meaningful project in Japan, I don’t know why but if it is possible I just want to find the MADE IN JAPAN wool denim one.

Not to mention most of the people should know Okayama in Japan is such the denim holy land for all the jeans fans all the time.

And the interesting things did happened, eventually we found the genius fabric from SHOWA san that the woven/denim maker located in Kojima/Okayama.

Unlike the most of JP denim supplier,

SHOWA san looking for the real precious meaning of making the good fabric so compare to only chases for big quantity, SHOWA san keep looking for what client wants- no matter the buyer requests is how impossible.

I expected hat I found from there, it may be the new innovative fabric however after I found more, I just feel so sorry that why this fabric just only the few people notice.

First, actually this fabric is made by the 100% Tasmania Organic Wool Yarn which most of the people will show the WOW face now because it’s just too rare and only the Japanese will spend the time and energy to source this kind of precious wool yarn for making DENIM. Not to mention to let the yarn to survive the real indigo(rope dyed) procedure, it’s just way too wasteful for adopting this kind of rank yarn.

Second, after they developed the fabric on 2008

(YES, what you saw is right that the fabric is already existing like 10 years ago....), just on the next year- 2009, this fabric also won the Paris Premiere Vision - Handle Prize that the jury need to take the eye cover that touch the candidate

fabrics to judges which one is the best touch.

I strongly wants to share the list because I think he jury list just too insane that all the legendary ones are all here LOL

And YES, the wool denim is the winner that when I saw the fabric I remembered I just told the SHOWA san that what you guys made was not just the denim it’s the miracle, but the elder Japanese guy just replied me, I think the miracle is how lucky we met our client that they just tell the maker like us to do what they want.

I think sometimes if the craftsman can make something so good, sometimes it just because they got the simple heart that wants to satisfy the user/buyer with all the best.

Sorry to make this share so long but I just simply wants to make more people know how wonderful the fabric can be, even it is no longer can produce due to the yarn scouring issue.

Hope the very last piece can find the dreamy buyer to make someone‘s wonderful memory at the wardrobe soon.