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Have you ever heard about the Suvin Cotton from South India? 
Before we shared your more, it needs to talk about the world of Extra Long Staple Cotton AKA ELS cotton first. 
In the cotton world, the fiber length is the core value to judge about the quality of cotton, and the Extra Staple Cotton Fibers is development for over centuries and by the different generation, some of them was extincted due to the careless of humanity...
The cottons belong to the ELS cotton are including the US CA/Supima, Egypt /Giza, China/Xinjiang also the India/Suvin and can not forget about the dreamy Sea island cotton too for sure. However the quantity can adopt for the economics application that only the Top 4 besides of Sea island cotton one.
And the most interesting part is, in fact Suvin cotton is also not so well-noted besides of the Japan. Based on the official reports that the annual average harvest of Suvin cotton is less than 200 tons. (FYI, Supima is like 120,000 tons per year!) Just the like the tea leaf that best quality is related to the timing of picking. Most of the professional cotton fibers buyer are always looking for the FIRST-PICKED. 
For the SMB AKA Suvin Master Blended that we have to talk about the raw material named Suvin Platinum which only the FIRST-PICK Suvin cotton fiber can be called.  And compare to the 200 tons of total harvest, the Suvin Platinum is only like the 60% which just like 120 tons as the richest offer from that year.
The reason what Ruleless Studio is presenting SMB is thanks to the special partnership with Japanese Masters Teams.
It is the most professional players from the raw materials, spinning, knitting, dying/finishing and then the 1st collection of SMB garment series is adopting the MADE IN JAPAN sewing too. 
Just like when something wonderful should remain forever, for SMB which we want to ensure the raw materials of SUVIN COTTON fiber can planted continuously by the farmers in Sounth India, we offer the fair buying price also the transparency of cotton yarn supply chain which combined the Masters from India also the Japan. 
Can you imagine the most dreamy experience of the cotton that including the smoothly touching as Silk and softness as Cashmere? 
Please feel the new entertainment way to explore the story about Suvin Master Belended Cotton!
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